Behind the Scene

A behind the scene and shots from the documentary promo video for Eyewitness, featuring our incredible artists at work. An Illozoo collaboration with Group Publishing.

A monumental project that took 2 years to create, produce, manage and design. 255 pages, vividly illustrated by a team of 16 Illozoo artists, each spread is a visual masterpiece, illuminating the dramatic biblical events described through various point of views. Published by Group Publishing and illustrated by Alicja Kocurek (Poland), Arianna Floris (Italy), Ariela Kristantina (Indonesia), David de Ramon (Spain), Erik Ly (United States), Fernando Figowy (Spain), Helena Perez Garcia (United Kingdom), Henry Gonzalez (Colombia), Jose David Morales (Spain), Julia Iredale (Canada), Leonardo Gauna (Argentina), Nuri Keli (Turkey), Patricio Clarey (Spain), Phivi Spyridonos (Greece), Rafael Sarmento (Brazil), and Vlad Gusev (Russia).

Watch the behind the scene stories about the making of Eyewitness, and the whole visual experience on